Silicon Appendixes

Common Attributes


  • Magitek Affinity: Gain a +1 modifier to any spells that use a magitek channeling device, and a -1 modifier to any spells that don’t.
  • Fire Affinity: Gain a +1 modifier to all fire spells.
  • Woods Affinity: Gain a +1 modifier to all woods spells.
  • Water Affinity: Gain a +1 modifier to all ice spells.
  • Air Affinity: Gain a +1 modifier to all air spells.
  • Refined Affinity: Gain a +1 modifier to all refined spells.


  • Shop Talk: Gain a +1 modifier to charm rolls involving the syndicates.
  • Corporate Lingo: Gain a +1 modifier to charm rolls involving the corporations.
  • Well Spoken: Gain a +1 modifier to all charm rolls.


  • Magitek Degree: Gain a +1 modifier to all digitization rolls involving magitek.
  • Cyber Stealth: Gain a +1 modifier to intrusion rolls.
  • Drone Expert: Gain a +1 on drone perception checks.


  • Street Wise: Gain a +1 modifier to all charm rolls involving street operatives.
  • Rugged: Take -1 damage to any bladed or low caliber damage.
  • Bite Your Tongue: Gain a +1 modifier to all control rolls.

Speciality Attributes


  • Martial Persuasion: Gain a +3 modifier to intimidate rolls; take a -3 modifier to charm rolls.
  • Sharp Reflexes: Take first initiative, always.


  • Blood Magic: You take half damage on using your body as a conduit, rounded down.
  • Medic: Gain +2 to all success checks for boon spells.


  • Youthful Misadventures: You are intimately familiar with government datastations; gain a +2 modifier to all UN & EP dataports.
  • Magic Touch: You are able to repair any damaged console or dataport, at least to the point of interfaciability.


  • Wine and Dine: Your in depth knowledge of functions and gallas allows you to immediately identify service staff, undercover guards, and VIPs.
  • The Pen Mightier: You can use your charm stat for control rolls.




  • Concealed Pistol: Lightweight and compact pistol. Close range.
    • Accuracy: -1
    • Hits: 3
    • Damage: 2
    • Cost: $2000
  • Heavy Pistol: Full sized and high-caliber pistol. Medium range.
    • Accuracy: 0
    • Hits: 1
    • Damage: 4
    • Cost: $2500
  • Submachine Gun: Low caliber, low accuracy, high hits. Close range.
    • Accuracy: -2
    • Hits: 6
    • Damage: 2
    • Cost: $2500
  • Battle Rifle: Ol’ reliable. Medium range.
    • Accuracy: -1
    • Hits: 3
    • Damage: 3


  • Combat Knife: Good for gutting someone up close. Melee range.
    • Accuracy: +1
    • Hits: 1
    • Damage: 4
    • Cost: $500
  • Combat Sword: As opposed to a negotiating sword. Melee range.
    • Accuracy: +1
    • Hits: 1
    • Damage: 6
    • Cost: $1000


  • IFAK: Good for stuffing bullet holes and other injuries. Restores 2 HP.
    • Uses: 2
    • Cost: $500
  • Data Interface: An adapter for the portable computer of your choice that aids in cracking into systems. Starts at D grade.
    • Uses: Infinite
    • Cost: $3000/$6000/$9000/$12000
  • A/V Drone: A miniaturized surveillance drone about the size of a palm, can relay back to any applicable portable computer.
    • Uses: 3
    • Cost: $7000


  • Magician License: Unlicensed practice of magic is extremely taboo in the human world, and will attract a lot of attention very quickly if you do it. Grade of license corresponds to authorized grade of spell.
    • Grades: D through A
    • Cost: $4000 / $8000 / $12000 / $16000
  • Transit License: Authorization to drive vehicles of different types. Private vehicle ownership is increasingly regulated and scarce in the joined Worlds, and so licenses for them can be harder to come by. C grade licenses authorize motorcycles and other small motorized vehicles, B grades cars, and A grades heavy trucks.
    • Grades: C through A
      • C grade: Motorcycles and smaller
      • B grade: Passenger cars
      • A grade: Heavy trucks
    • Cost: $1000 / $2000 / $3000
  • Weapons License: In the year 2061, gun control is a reality, even for corporate mercs. Hauling a battle rifle around without authorization can get a little tricky.
    • Grades: D through A
      • D grade: Blade authorization
      • C grade: Low caliber pistol authorization.
      • B grade: Sub .50 cal authorization.
      • A grade: AP authorization.


  1. Enhanced Regeneration: Allows a party member or self to regenerate health per round.
    1. Affinity: Fire
    2. Potency: 1/2/3/4 HP.
  2. Fire IV: Summons a fireball to immolate your opponents.
    1. Affinity: Fire
    2. Potency: 2/4/6/8HP
  3. Deterioration: Degrades an opponent’s armor.
    1. Affinity: Water
    2. Potency: 1/2/3/4AP


  • Conduit Enhancement: Turns any weapon into a conduit. Better the grade, the more expensive the upgrade. Starts at D grade
    • Cost: $2000/$4000/$8000/$16000
  • Scoped: Increases accuracy for firearms.
    • Potency: 1/2/3
    • Cost: $1000/$2000/$3000
  • Armor Piercing: Loads up your firearm (or sharpens your blade) to be able to pierce armor more effectively.
    • Potency: 1/2/3
    • Cost: $2000/$4000/$6000





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